Growing from Baby to Giant

Growing from Baby to Giant

Once I decided to Frankenbox my SYS-E300-8D into a new form factor, the hunt was on.

The central item of this build:

  • Fractal Design R5 – I loved the modular design of this and the ease of swapping drives. Plus it has plenty of room for fans.

A few weeks later, everything arrives!

A modular power supply, LSI 9300-8i, a bunch of 120MM fans:

Just in case I need them:

Then goes some RAM shuffling. 64 GB from the 5028D-TN4T goes into this new server, and this 96 GB goes into the 5028D-TN4T.

The power supply. I’ve never had a modular power supply, but I like the idea. The SeaSonic seems to be a trusted modal, and at least visually, I was impressed:

Any time you include a cloth bag, it gives it an instant premium feel, even if it’s really not.

An LSI HBA. 12Gb/s is probably overkill, but I wanted this to have a long life over eventual upgrades. And I got the correct breakout cables! I love it when planning pays off:

The Case

When I was researching cases online, everyone seemed to really like their Fractal Design cases. I felt REALLY good about the purchase of the case until it actually arrived.

The size of this case is impossible to capture in a picture. IT. IS. HUGE.

Putting it all together

Mission accomplished. It fits!

Disassembling the SYS-E300-8D to get the Xeon D-1518 board out of it:

It’s extricated:

Another place I was glad I planned. The new I/O plate arrived in the mail the day before!

And mounted in its new home:

It’s so small that it looks a bit comical in the giant case (with a bunch of drives that I later found out I mounted backwards):

Hrm, those SATA cables feel a bit tight… I wonder if something is wrong:

And a picture of it all hooked up:


And a few days later when I realized that I mounted the drives backwards:

The CPU was also running at 70C despite all the fans and positive airflow. A jury-rigged Noctuna was placed in there when I redid the cabling:

Perfect temps:


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